2022 Australian Flyball Nationals

Animal Welfare

The Norwest Thunderdogs Flyball Club is proud to be an advocate for animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. All of our Flyball dogs are trained using positive reinforcement techniques and rewarded with food treats and tug toys.

The Norwest Thunderdogs will be inviting the public to attend the 24th Australian Flyball National Championships and all competitors are encouraged to demonstrate their amazing dog-handler bonds while on display. Note that this event will also be live-streamed, and that there will be photographers roaming to capture these special moments.

Veterinary Clinics

Competitors are encouraged to be aware of local veterinary clinics as listed below:

  • Macquarie Veterinary Clinic
    24 Hawkesbury Valley Way, Windsor
    Phone: 4587 7490
  • Richmond Vet Hospital
    118 Windsor St, Richmond
    Phone: 4578 4229

Emergency and After-Hours Veterinary Clinics

  • Vineyard Veterinary Clinic
    0488 404 047
  • WellPet Vets
    1300 935 573

    Please be aware of the NSW Public Holiday and that emergency/after hours veterinary clinics will charge additional fees to access this service
Hot Weather

October in Western Sydney typically provides pleasant weather, but competitors should prepare for hotter temperatures during the peaks of the day.

Dogs should be kept comfortable in shady areas when not racing. Cooling gear such as fans, cool coats, and cooling mats are encouraged to be used when necessary.

Please ensure your dog has access to clean, fresh water at all times.

The Norwest Thunderdogs Flyball Club will provide shell pools around the area for all dogs to use and enjoy. Please ensure your dog does not urinate near these areas so that they can be safely used by others.

Parasite Protection

Competitors are reminded to ensure their dog’s parasite and worming protection are kept up to date, especially during the warmer weather.

Attending dogs should also be up to date on their vaccinations or have sufficient titre testing. Dogs who are unwell are not able to attend our event.

Handler Safety

The Norwest Thunderdogs encourage everyone to celebrate the event and rejoice in being able to gather again. Please look out for one another and be kind to your fellow competitor.

Competitors are highly encouraged to apply sunscreen, wear hats and other sun-protective gear, and to drink water regularly.

The use of non-slip shoes is also highly recommended.

Anyone with flu-like symptoms is asked to not attend our event.

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