The Trophy Room

In the 16 years since its formation, the Norwest Thunderdogs Flyball Club has won 25 National Championship Titles – 13 First Division Championships, 3x 2nd Division Championship, 21x Third Division Championship, 4x 4th Division Championships, 2x 5th Division Championship, 1x 7th Division Championship, 1x 8th Division Championship and 1x Ninth Division Championship (See listing of Championship results at foot of page). The Club has been the National Division One Champion Team in 13 of the last 15 years.

In addition to the Nationals Titles, the Club has broken the Australian Flyball Record 12 times and is the current holder of the Australian record of the fastest time at 15.987 seconds. The current record was set in February 2022 by a team comprising of Thunderdogs Ivy, Link, Swift, and Inferno.

The Club also holds a Guinness World Record for the fastest flyball run – set on 23 April 2005 at Narrabundah Canberra as part of the Australian Guinness World Record T.V. series. The Guinness record was set at 18.16 seconds. The Club holds an Official Guinness World Record Certificate indicating this achievement. The Norwest Thunderdogs have won the Australian Flyball Club of the Year Award on Seven occasions as recognition of the Clubs contribution to the sport of flyball in Australia.

In 2019, the Norwest Thunderdogs T4 were awarded the NSW Minor Premiers of the Australian Flyball Association Premiership – a recognition awarded for the most successful team over the season.

20051st Division Champions
20061st Division Champions
20071st Division Champions, 4th Division Champions
20081st Division Champions
20091st Division Champions
20101st Division Champions
2011Division 1 – 2nd, Division 2 – 3rd, Division 3 – 3rd, Division 5 – 3rd
20121st Division Champions, 4th Division Champions
20131st Division Champions
20143rd Division Champions, 9th Division Champions
20151st Division Champions, 3rd Division Champions, 7th Division Champions
20161st Division Champions
20172nd Division Champions, 4th Division Champions
20181st Division Champions, 8th Division Champions
20191st Division Champions, 5th Division Champions
2020cancelled due to COVID-19
20211st Division Champions, Division 2 – 5th, Division 3 – 2nd, Division 5 – 4th, Division 7 – 2nd
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