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About the Norwest Thunderdogs

The Norwest Thunderdogs Flyball Club was founded in 2004 and is now one of the largest specialised Flyball dog training clubs in Australia. The club has enjoyed many successes including over 20 National Championship Titles and is home to some of the fastest Flyball dogs in Australia. In fact, the Norwest Thunderdogs currently hold the Australia record for the fastest time of 15.987 seconds – beating twelve previous records since 2007, also held by the Thunderdogs.

The Norwest Thunderdogs Flyball Club trains at Castle Hill every Tuesday.

The Norwest Thunderdogs are proud to use positive reinforcement training techniques and use treats and toys to train our dogs.

Our History

The Norwest Thunderdogs Flyball Club was founded on 8th October 2004 as the flyball arm within the Norwest Canine Association Inc. The founding membership of the Thunderdogs was made up of 23 flyballers.

The Clubs first competition was at the ACT Flyball Frolic in December 2004. The Club sent three teams to that competition, displaying for the first time the gold and black Thunderdogs uniform.

In 2009 Club members made up two of the four teams selected to take part in the Purina World Dog Games which was televised on Channel 7. The winning team, “6 Pak” consisted of Milo, Pebbles, Dallas, Buddy, Arrow plus Cooper who returned from Queensland for the event. The second Norwest team “Greased Lightning” consisted of Bundy, Harry, Cleo, Twiggy, Pjevs and Jackson, came third.

In 2008 Norwest was the first flyball club in Australia to have two teams seeded in First Division at the National Championships. The teams came first and third – a great result.

The 23 Founding Members of Norwest Flyball – Brian, Sheryl and Kim Lindsay, Pat Byrne, Gail Starr, Joanne Parkes, Lydia and Christian Markham, Helen Borchert, Fiona and Kevin Bulman, Garry Hehir, Leoney and Glenn Pritchard, Amanda Pennicuik, Anne Younger and Kylie Younger, Elizabeth Coombes, Joy Williams, Vanessa Brooks, Kerry, Philip and Ruth Andrew.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to participate in and promote the sport of Flyball in a competitive yet harmonious manner. Members will be responsible for good sportsmanship, positive training and handling methods, as well as safety and proper conduct at all times. Our supportive policies and training methods are structured for all to reach their full potential at Flyball with an emphasis on treating members in a fair and equitable manner. Our mission is to create a club that is shaped by its members, their ideals and philosophies, enabling the sport of Flyball to grow and evolve in a fun atmosphere.

Winning is not the end result but a goal we work towards.

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