Norwest Flyball Inc. COVID-19 Plan

Version 3, last updated 15th August 2021
(Originally based on NSW Dept of Sport and Recreation proforma).

Plan for Flyball training activities and sanctioned flyball competitions.

Norwest Flyball Club Inc. (the Club) has developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan to create and maintain a safe environment for all Norwest Flyball club members, volunteers, and visitors.

Please Note – All Organisations MUST follow the current COVID-19 Public Health Orders, and also manage risks to participants and other people in accordance with Work Health and Safety laws. For more information visit

As at 15th August 2021 the Health Orders and Covid Regulations in NSW prevent the conduct of any community sporting activity which involves more than 2 people. Accordingly flyball training or competition is not permitted and no gatherings of members is possible.

Until the NSW Government authorises the resumption of Community Sport all Club activities will remain suspended. The Clubs Covid Plan will be further updated to reflect safety requirements when any activity, such as training, becomes possible.

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