No Member Intake in 2021

The Norwest Thunderdogs Flyball Club regret to advise that we do not have capacity to accept any new member enquiries in 2021.

Our Flyball dog training club currently has 57 registered dogs, with another 3 puppies from existing members joining later this year. With 60 dogs to be in training at various levels, our club simply does not have the ability to accept new members without severely impacting our current learners and racing dogs, and their ability to train and compete in teams.

This hard decision was not made lightly, however it allows our club to focus on our current beginner dogs who need support, and ensure current racing dogs would get a chance to enter competitions without extra restrictions or limitations.

We understand that this decision may be frustrating, however we encourage those considering joining Flyball to visit and view other Flyball clubs who may welcome their registration.

We apologise for any inconvenience this decision may cause and hope you may consider another club as mentioned above or elsewhere. To ensure no additional pressure is applied to our club or it’s members, a decision has been made to not have a waitlist.

The Norwest Thunderdogs are committed to growing the sport of Flyball and will continue to assist in other opportunities that may become available such as mentorship, training and public demonstrations.

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