Thunderdogs beat fastest record

The Norwest Thunderdogs Flyball Dog Club has beaten Australia’s fastest time with a new record of 16.349 seconds.

The Norwest Thunderdogs have again beaten Australia’s fastest record, with the latest record-breaking run achieved at the Chills in the Hills race meet on 9th August, 2020. This is the 11th time the Norwest Thunderdogs have beaten the record since 2007, with the previous records all being held by the Thunderdogs.

Dogs Breed Handler Time
IvyKelpieKerry Andrew16.349 seconds
BulletKoolie x (9″)Lydia Markham
LinkKoolieRuth Andrew
InfernoBorder CollieJessica Mellon

CompetitionChills in the Hills – hosted by the Norwest Thunderdogs
LocationUndercover area, Dog Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground
Gap CallerAmanda Pennicuik
Warm-upsChloe Crass
BoxloaderNathan Crass
VideographerEmma Milharcic
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